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Brand story

Our inspiration, ethos and ambition


I first thought of designing a wetsuit while shopping for a new one of my own - I complained to my boyfriend Ben that I had never been totally stoked over a wetsuit, that it was always a compromise. This was near the end of the financial year, and he convinced me that we should combine whatever money we got from out tax returns with our savings and try to make a dream wetsuit. 
I got home, pulled out some old pens and paints, and started designing what that might look like. I wanted form and function, comfort and durability. I started researching everything from materials to inclusive sizing. I was also lucky to already have a small social media following who I could survey and chat to about what other women wanted to see in the wetsuit market. 
I have been a diver since I was 14 and the ocean has been a constant in my life since I was born. Raised in Perth, my hobbies are entirely ocean based, but I always felt that water sports were a male dominated field. 
This brand was created with the intention of never compromising. That extends throughout our entire production process. We choose ethical, environmentally conscious, well fitting and high quality over 'easy' every time. 
Over the course of a year myself and Ben have invested everything we could into creating a wetsuit without compromise. We have enlisted advice from experts in the field and extensively researched everything from materials and environmental impact of production to sizing and manufacturing methods. Our first springsuit sample was tweaked countless times over months and months, and tested in every way we could imagine - in a huge range of water sports, baked in the sun, even given to the dog to chew. 
We have big dreams to create a size inclusive, community minded label. We are beyond excited to continue expanding our product offering and welcome any and all suggestions. We want everyone to come on this journey with us.

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